250 passionate park lovers walked to South Head to show how functions with 200+ people would compromise public access to the National Park #SaveSouthHead


Aboriginal Culture Centre? 

Kadoo Tours on South Head offered to build a cultural centre at Gap Bluff as an alternative plan for the National Park. 


"A Shame on all of Us" 







"This is South Head, the heritage gateway to the most iconic harbour in the world. If this is the best we can do, a low-grade commercial function centre, it is a shame on us all" says director George Miller

@SaveSouthHead National Park. This video takes you on a tour of this amazing landscape.

This follows a common pattern. Faced with strong local opposition the ruse is to slow down the decision in order to give the developer more time and in the process exhaust the local community. At the same time let the park deteriorate so the
government can justify a decision to commercialise the park in order to save it. And that is clearly what is happening in the South Head National Park. The park is deteriorating rapidly.

— Pearls and Irritation, John Menadue

keep South Head open to all

“It calls itself the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, yet there is scant regard to the environment or heritage,”  


Dressed up in fuzzy language about existing uses and consistency with the Plan of Management for the Park, it is still not at all clear that the commercial activities envisaged by GBH – weddings, conferences, social events, short term accommodation for clients etc. – have any perceptible connexion with the purposes (nature, culture, heritage) for which the National Park lands are reserved.
— Hylda Rolfe